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Embarking on this exhilarating journey as a fashion designer has been nothing short of extraordinary. The anticipation for my upcoming showcase is palpable, as I eagerly unveil my latest masterpiece – the 2015/2016 Autumn/Winter Collection, aptly named "DOLL." This showcase promises to be a spectacular convergence of style and sophistication, featuring 20 impeccably chosen models hailing from the fashion capitals of Philadelphia and New York.

"DOLL" encapsulates a narrative of timeless elegance and avant-garde design. The collection unfolds with a captivating A-line silhouette, showcasing a mesmerizing array of whimsically tailored mural-sized separates crafted from luxurious materials such as wool jersey, tropical wool, and silk georgette. The infusion of these opulent fabrics results in an ensemble that transcends the ordinary, embracing an aesthetic that is both refined and visionary.

Contrary to conventional sweetness, "DOLL" exudes an air of maturity, skillfully balancing youthful exuberance with a sophisticated allure. Meticulously attuned to the discerning tastes, demands, and lifestyles of our clientele, this collection embodies intelligence, wearability, and versatility. The pieces are not mere indulgences; they are thoughtful expressions of fashion that seamlessly integrate into the dynamic rhythms of modern life.

Gone are the days of frivolous excess; "DOLL" takes a conscientious stance against it. The collection boasts an absence of wasteful, impractical garments, favoring instead a focus on wearable daywear. Yet, fear not, as a touch of audacious charm may still find its way into our creations, perhaps in the form of a subtle hint of tiny ostrich details.

As the curtains rise on the runway, "DOLL" invites you to witness a sartorial symphony where craftsmanship meets innovation, and where each piece is not merely an outfit but a statement of artistry. This collection transcends the confines of mere fashion; it is an experience, a manifestation of a designer's passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to redefining the boundaries of style. Join us in this enchanting odyssey as we celebrate the fusion of elegance and audacity, ushering in a new era for fashion with "DOLL."


At the Independent Visitors Center, just opposite the iconic Liberty Bell, Designer Von Alexandria orchestrated a spectacular showcase titled "SUPERWOMAN." This extraordinary event paid homage to the esteemed First Lady, Hon. Michelle Obama, JD, and the distinguished Second Lady, Dr. Jill Biden. Both luminaries were bestowed with awards, courtesy of the designer's groundbreaking SUPERWOMAN collection from 2009. Adding to the accolades, Melanie received unwavering support from the First Lady of Philadelphia, the Hon. Mrs. Lisa Nutter.

The essence of SUPERWOMAN lies in its bold designs, featuring strong lines tailored for the dynamic working woman. This collection seamlessly transitions from the professional realm to sophisticated evening wear, ensuring that every woman adorned in Von Alexandria's creations exudes beauty and strength at all hours.

Elevating the allure of the show is the sponsorship from MAC Cosmetics, aligning their brand with Von Alexandria's vision. MAC Cosmetics not only supports the event but also serves as the exclusive makeup brand for the SUPERWOMAN look. The makeup design, characterized by powerful eyes both in daylight and under the night sky, harmoniously complements the color palette of the collection – a captivating blend of reds, blacks, navys, and grays.

As the curtains rise and the spotlight embraces each meticulously crafted ensemble, SUPERWOMAN emerges not just as a fashion statement but as a celebration of resilience, sophistication, and the indomitable spirit of women. Von Alexandria's strategic partnerships and unwavering commitment to her vision have transformed this showcase into an immersive experience, where fashion meets empowerment, and each stride down the runway is a testament to the strength and elegance of the modern woman.