Melanie Brandon’s clothing designs are a testament to her vibrant and eclectic personal style. Her fashion journey began in 2000 when she unveiled her inaugural womenswear collection at the Rittenhouse Historical Society in Philadelphia. To her surprise and delight, over 1000 guests gathered to witness her debut, and Melanie received her first standing ovation, marking the promising start of her career. In 2003, only three years later, Melanie’s creative prowess led her to present her fourth collection during, then named, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

With an eye for elegance and empowerment, Melanie rebranded her label as “Von Alexandria” to better reflect the grace and strength exuded by her designs. Her outgoing personality and distinctive style have earned her recognition as a leader in the world of fashion and design.

Notably, Melanie’s remarkable journey has been recognized with prestigious awards, including the New York 2003 Indie Award for Best Designer of the Year and the 2011 Indie Best Designer of Ready-to-Wear. Her artistic inspiration forms the bedrock of her work, resulting in accolades for her women’s ready-to-wear collection.

Melanie’s designs have graced the bodies of celebrities like Alicia Raines, Michelle Williams, Olivia Jones, and Stephanie Pratt from the TV show ‘The Hills.’ Her work has been featured in renowned publications such as Runway Magazine, Zink, Elle Girl Japan, Tank, Papercut, Bambi, and Elle Taiwan Magazines. Notably, America’s Next Top Model Judge Noel Marin has personally styled her creations.

For eleven seasons, Melanie has been a featured designer at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week/New York Fashion Week, a platform that showcases her exquisite designs. She has been interviewed by Women’s Wear Daily and displayed her creations at the prestigious Scandinavian House on 5th Avenue. Her fashion creations have garnered the attention of Elizabeth Wellington, a Fashion Editor for the Philadelphia Inquirer, who noted, “she’s so close to fashion notoriety, both for what she offers us to wear and for how much she loves her City of Philadelphia.”

In 2007, Melanie made headlines with a groundbreaking initiative. She introduced a line of jewelry crafted from guns, including one Uzi and four handguns, provided by the City of Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office. This initiative, known as “Operation MWVA: Melting Weapons of Violence into Accessories,” swiftly gained recognition for its positive impact on communities. Melanie’s jewelry was born from a desire to transform the metal of confiscated weapons into symbols of beauty and healing, symbolizing victim and perpetrator awareness and fostering community unity.

Melanie’s jewelry designs earned praise from Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) and even reached the Associated Press in 2008. Furthermore, before her tenure as our First Lady, Melanie honored Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden with awards during her SUPERWOMAN Collection in 2009, an embodiment of her commitment to empowerment and positive transformation through fashion.

Melanie is now gearing up for her 2024-2025 Fall/Winter Collection, aptly named “HOME.” Her creative journey continues to flourish as she eagerly anticipates participation in additional shows, both Paris Fashion Week and the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Yet, amidst these grand aspirations, Melanie holds a cherished dream close to her heart.